Reflections from Bali

Life under the pink umbrella.

I thought this might be an appropriate place to start my blog post. It’s something that I have been meaning to do for years now and finally I have no more excuses. It has taken a little while to get my head around WordPress but it’s actually a very cool little piece of software. I took these pics after a class at a beautiful little resort called Blue Karma Senses http://www.bluekarmasenses.com. One of the reasons for going on this little sojourn was to experience as much yoga as I could and I couldn’t resist trying this place after seeing it online while staying in Seminyak. The yoga class was taken by a local woman and together with 2 other people we had the place to ourselves which was really enchanting and a great break away from the maddening crowds and traffic as it’s set back from the main drag. With the looping sound of an traditional music track we sweated our way through what seems like a ton of seated poses before even doing Adho Mukha Śvānāsana commonly known as down dog. This is going to be easy I thought but 10min I was dripping like a tap and holding poses for much longer than I am used to. After a refreshing dip I found these gorgeous paintings laying around the joint so I thought I would share these as well.

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